15 Juin 2022

Agritech/Foodtech, explore opportunities in Asia

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De 12h30 à 14h
En ligne
De 12h30 à 14h
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Curious about the opportunities in the field of AgriFood tech in Asia?

Under the initiative, NextTech Asia, JOIN La French Tech Singapore,La FrenchTech Japan, La FrenchTech Korea, La FrenchTech Australia for an overview of the region’s food and Agri challenges and opportunities.

A 10 mn presentation from each country will answer the following questions:

  • What are the country’s main challenges?
  • Which initiatives already exist to try and tackle them?
  • What does the ecosystem look like and who are the main actors?
  • What are the sources to follow and events to attend?

A Q&A session will give you an opportunity to ask all the questions you have on growing your startup in this industry!

  • Bettina Hudry Gerez, Head of APAC @ Alcimed – Singapore
  • Ugo Bataillard, Founder and CEO @ Gourmet Pro – Japan
  • Florian Viton, – VP, R&D Management Executive @ CJ Cheli Jedang – Korea
  • Jacques Lepron, Co-Founder @ Delifood – Australia

moderated by

  • Amel Rigneau, Founder Digitalmind Media

The discussion will be held in French.


About NextTech Asia

It is an initiative held by all the FrenchTech communities in Asia to help French startups at every stage in their development in Asia, from embryonic firms to growing start-ups with several hundred employees and their sights set on the international market.

As is the case all over the world, digital technology is a major catalyst for its development, and French Tech represents both digital pure players and Medtech, biotech, cleantech, etc. start-ups.