Vous pouvez désormais embaucher plus rapidement !

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French Tech Visa


Startups françaises, vous pouvez désormais embaucher plus rapidement un talent tech international grâce à l’ouverture du « French Tech Visa for Employees » !

Aucune exigence de diplôme, pas de frais de parrainage, pas de quotas.

Plus d’information sur le site dédié : http://visa.lafrenchtech.com


French startups, it’s official : you are now eligible to hire the talent you need from anywhere in the world, fast-tracked. Check out the new French Tech Visa for Employees. No diploma requirements, no sponsorship fees, no quotas. For more information

What is the French Tech Visa?

The French Tech Visa is a simplified, fast-track procedure for three types of international tech talent to obtain a residence permit known as the « Passeport Talent » (« Talent Passport »)

The French Tech Visa is open to three categories of tech talent – startup founders, employees, and investors – and allows them to live and work in France.

  • It is valid for four years, on a renewable basis.
  • It is extended to immediate family members: spouses also receive residence permits authorizing them to live and work in France. Dependent children are authorized to live in France as well.
  • No additional work permit is required.

*Please note that citizens from the European Economic Area and Switzerland do not need a residence permit.