25 Mar 2021
26 Mar 2021

Discover advantages of Kubernetes for a SaaS Solution

14:00 CET - 00:30 CET
14:00 CET - 00:30 CET
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More about the Breakathon

Scaleway celebrates the first anniversary of the release of the iconic container orchestrator, Kubernetes Kapsule, by launching an inventive and entertaining event concept: the Breakathon.

What is a Breakathon ?

This event will be based along the lines of a traditional hackathon – bringing together hundreds of participants in teams of five for a 9-hour marathon to work on technological challenges. We have made the event our own by using the creativity of participants to test the limits of the solution.

With the slogan “Are you boss level?” the message behind the event is clear – the Breakathon will challenge all the developers, users and partners in our international community. Hyper scalability, optimized response times and high availability will be in the spotlight via 4 major themes:

🧠 Artificial Intelligence

📲 Software as a Service

🗝 Security and Architecture

🕹 Fun and Games

⭐️ Get Creative – Open Category

Based on Scaleway’s community-centric development needs, participants will be able to put forward new topics for consideration for the event too. The Breakathon will offer participants an unprecedented opportunity to participate in building a meaningful ecosystem, while having fun.

More informations: https://www.scaleway.com/en/breakathon/