23 Juil 2020

Discover advantages of Kubernetes for a SaaS Solution

À 17h30
À 17h30
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✨ « Discover the advantages of Kubernetes for a SaaS »
By Jean-Guillaume Burlet – Brand Evangelist at Scaleway ✨
Discover without further delay the advantages of Kubernetes Kapsule for your SaaS solution. This webinar will also open the doors to the debate « Multi-instance architecture » and « Multi-tenant architecture ». At the end of the webinar, you will be able to optimize your choices in order to guarantee the stability, scalability and security of your infrastructures, without putting aside their portability. The customer issues we face in the field of SaaS give us a real field of SaaS expertise that we would like to share with you.
Finally, we will end this webinar with the traditional Q&A session.
See you soon with all your questions to learn more about SaaS and Kubernetes!
Scaleway Teams 🚀