05 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020

INPHO Venture Summit

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Détails :

The 7th edition of INPHO Venture Summit will take place virtually throughout the month of October.

INPHO Venture Summit 2020 will allow you to:

  • Save months interacting with your peers,
  • Think outside the box to envision the future,
  • Discover disrupted startups with high differentiation selected by our private investors editorial committee.
  • Host virtual sessions via broadcasting
  • Enable 1-to-1 attendee networking with video calls
  • Showcase live exhibitor and sponsorship presentations


The scope of this edition is « How technologies like AI and new computing paradigms can positively impact our world ».

Only FIRESIDE CHATS with experts on new generation manufacturing, New semiconductor architectures, Machine learning in healthcare, New spaces, Rares and resources limitations.