Enriching the user experience // Viva Technology 2021 – Orange

date limite : 12 mars 2021
Enriching the user experience
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12 mars 2021
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  • Concours
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New experiences in the phygital world

2020 saw an exponential increase in digital uses. In just a few weeks, some services experienced growth equivalent to 10 years. Orange firmly believes that many of these transformations are permanent and that our personal and business relationships will continue in this phygital format.
Orange is looking for innovations that will improve the user experience of virtual meetings to make them more human, while enhancing the customer journey in our stores, cities, at home or at the office. With 5G, data and AI advancing these new uses, our priorities are focused on the following business opportunities:

  • Virtual experiences at home to simplify purchasing and enhance product demonstrations
  • Social shopping and in-store gaming experiences to increase engagement
  • Virtual stores and remote immersive conversations with an advisor or salesperson
  • Remote collaboration and meetings that are easily deployable in enterprises, trade shows and event sites for meetings or press conferences (“VR meeting for dummies”)
  • Interactive sessions on the fly: low tech live interactions, a simple « digital whiteboard » to facilitate and enrich digital interactions between people with few/no digital skills and no specific equipment
  • Virtual reality to improve the well-being of vulnerable people: giving seniors and people with disabilities greater access to services and become more autonomous.


Expected solutions:
Easy to implement, easy to use

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