Pitch Asian VCs for Blockchain Startups

date limite : 11 juillet 2022
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11 juillet 2022
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On the upstream side, Asia is home to 350M smallholder farmers producing more than 19% of food production. Agriculture takes 24% of carbon emissions.
On the downstream side of the value chain, Asia is home to double the burden of malnutrition, with 40% overweight & 12% undernourished.
With the impact of climate change & the increase of cardiovascular diseases, our current food systems are not enough sustainable to feed safely the increasing number of population without having a negative impact on the planet & human health.

To reinvent this food system from farm to food, The FrenchTech(s) in Asia wants to help French startups to capture business opportunities in Asia & contribute solving these issues.
If you are a startup aiming at reducing carbon footprint in agrifood or developing new nutritional solutions, reach out to us!

We are building a community & would like to support you with a series of event!