Tideline Startup Challenge

date limite : 21 avril 2023
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Société :
Waves of Change
date limite :
21 avril 2023
Type :
  • Concours
Détails :

Welcome to the Tideline Startup Challenge, where Collaboration is Key. This Challenge is designed to bring Startups together with Cities and Stakeholders and address Critical Coastal Cities Challenges.

By collaborating with other Participants, you will have the opportunity to provide Solutions to real, pressing Challenges related to Sea Level Rise, Global Warming, Air Pollution, Water Quality, Tourism Impact, Energy Management, Sustainable Mobility, Port and Shipping Transition, Fishing, Biodiversity, Waste Management, Urban Planning, Public Health, and more.

Join us at the Waves of Change Forum in Biarritz from June 5-7 to showcase your Expertise, find new Partners, and have the Chance to win Prizes and Opportunities that can help accelerate your Solutions and Business.